Sunday, October 19, 2003

Obsession - part 2

(again, I apologize.  The audio is muddy.) 

Obsession (c1996) 

I saw you in your car today - You didn't know I was there - You were headed the other way - I couldn't help but stare

I should be in class right now - But this is your day off - I rearrange my life somehow - Where do you get off

Teasing me This way 

No one knows the things I do - With the thoughts I have - Of you

Maybe if I dye my hair - Or change the way I dress - Maybe I could get you to care - And life won't be such a mess

I think about the life we'd have - It's just not the same - I know all about your past - And you don't know my name

When will you - Wake up 

No one knows the things I do - With the thoughts I have - I have - Of you

You're still playing games I see - You think your love will last - Wait until you check out me - You'll never go back

What is it that you want from me - I give you all I've got - Are you just too blind to see - Or is it you forgot

I'm the best - You'll get

No one knows the things I do - With the thoughts I have - Of you - Of you


babyshark28 said...

oooooh yea! that's my favorite! I could see myself really gettin' into this song and singing along, doing a little jig or something (hey, my jigs are cool) I like the attitude. i like the strength. I just like it. :)

diannevan said...

as for me, I envy the attitude and the strength. I'd love to be able to say these words!

franj1fla said...

Boy do I feel special, freepeace, having a ticket to listening to you sing. GREAT song, great idea, too, spilling out like this. Thank you, you know, for letting us peek in your life and then listening - oh man...


happyb8888 said...

Nice song. Pointed words for surely sure. Enjoyed your singing as well. You have a voice that bekons attention. :)

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen

clarity4today said...

My gosh, do you have CDs in the store yet? I love to hear your audio entries! Unfortunately, my modem is dial up (:::sigh::) and it takes a while for them to start playing. But, it's definitely worth the wait! :-)