Friday, October 17, 2003

Meme - part 2

Be Alright (c1999)  

All alone
By the phone
Can't bear to pick it up
I let it ring
I fear the news
From home

You're gone now
And you're not coming back
And there'll never be another chance for me
To call out
For times you made me laugh
And said everything is gonna be

Be alright - Be alright - Be alright  

Dreamed last night
You were still with us
Among the living room
You told us
You weren't ready
To move on

But I woke up
With the emptiness
That I feel
When I cry myself to sleep at night
Tell myself
It isn't real
And you'll come back
And everything will be
Be alright - Be alright - Be alright
How do I go on
Without you by my side
How do I go on
Without you
Telling me
Is gonna be
I know it's selfish
But I can't help it
I need more time (I need more time, I need more time)
To say goodbye
You're fading
In my mind's eye
As I
Try to hold you to the light
I'm waiting
For the day I
See you again
Until then (I know I'll)
Be alright - Be alright - Be alright
I'm alright - You're alright - Be alright


franj1fla said...

Wow. Good music. What a great way to let others listen to you sing. I'm so glad you left the address for your little place on aol. I gotta tell people - I'm sorry. -Frank

babyshark28 said...'ll be allright. thanks for sharing, as always I love your singing. It's very earthy and real and I like that. what a great way to heal from pain...keep singing.

freeepeace said...

frank - yay, you found me! welcome. and thank you for the kind words. come back anytime.

babyshark - you and i are good for each other - great support all around. thanks for always shining light in here :)

~peace~ xo

rinakatay21 said...

Wow..=) You stirred a lot of memories for me too. I'm reaching the 10 year mark of my Grandmother's death. I hate that she was never able to see me as a woman. I have so much of her in me. I know that an entry on her is coming in the near future...I just can't go into right now. I'll be sure to send you a link when I write it.

happyb8888 said...

Lovely tribute Freeebe and I enjoyed your singing. l love creative people and you are certainly that. I can't read music or play an instrument but I admire anyone who can!! Thanks for sharing your song and for sharing Meme as well!! :)

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen

raisinglouisiana said...

I know you wrote this, and are singing to
your Meme, but hearing you sing this reminds
me of my same feelings to my mom, who passed
away almost 3 years ago. That's how your music
touches others, it makes them see, it makes them
think, and it makes them feel. It made me cry, but
that's ok, because you're right, we're all gonna be
alright. Love, Penny

slowmotionlife said...

Wow..... [lost for words]

diannevan said...

This was beautiful, simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. --DiAnne