Saturday, October 18, 2003

Me in a Nutshell

Here's to you Shelli P. It's fun spending a day in your life.  Here's a little more about me than some might wanna know - if that's so, then click on by!  Otherwise, read on, do the same in your journal and send me (and Shelli P) the link - we wanna know you too!  ~peace~

things I'm grateful for:  Hunny, My friends, the beach. yoga. laugher. heartfelt conversation. long hot baths in winter. Yerba Mate tea w/vanilla rice dream and honey. fruit smoothies. tattoo on my arm. Coffee Bean coffee w/vanilla. dirty vodka martinis.dragonflies. my guitar. high-speed internet access. spirit, truth and breath.
things that bug me:  tailgaters, ignorance (yes, even my own), untruth, insincerity, head noise, confrontation. incontinuity in film/tv.
things I'd like to know more about: Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, graphic design, photography, HTML, Psychology, Tarot, Astrology, keyboard/piano, percussion
fave cds:  Jason Mraz, Cree Summer, Jillian Speer, Moulin Rouge, John Mayer,  Eminem, Santana, Eva Cassidy, Trish Monaco  ::wink::
fave tv shows:  Will & Grace, Friends, Sex & the City, Six Feet Under, Judging Amy, ER
fave movies:  A League of their Own, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Fletch, Better off Dead, Legally Blonde, Thirteen, Adventures in Babysitting
fave foods:  chocolate chip cookies, basmati rice, mashed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflour, french fries, pomegranate, watermelon.
least fave foods:  just about everything else
fave smells:  fresh cut grass, nag champa incense, pink roses
least fave smells:  sulfur, vomit (blech!)
fave books:  Emmanuel's Books, Indigo Children, Nanny Diaries, Many Lives Many Masters
reading right now:  AOL Journals (endlessly)
things i collect:  dust, memories, debt
what i spend most of my money on:  rent
I aspire to:  Love and live life to its fullest potential.
biggest momentary pet peeve:  2500 character limits!


franj1fla said...

isn't amazing how the landlord wants the rent EVERY month, i mean, c'mon! listen, i read all the time but i don't always leave comments, especially when it's women's stuff. but reading things like this and shelli's teaches me things about how women really think. it's like being a fly on the wall on a girl's night out ... so thanks for letting me. -frank

freeepeace said...

frank, be a fly on the wall as much as you want. comment anytime. i'm grateful we (women) have a place to get the lo-down-dirt on men too! you say it best. i love you for your honesty. ~peace~

raisinglouisiana said...

I loved your list! There's some things
we have in common, love mashed potatoes,
practically inhale Fred Soll incense, pretty much
the same in TV shows, and the things that bug you!
And the smells, I have to agree but being a nurse,
I could add to that list! Also interested in tarot, and
I'm good at psych (not my own, however, lol).

raisinglouisiana said...

Oh, yeah, I have a tattoo on my ankle,
got it as a gift from a boyfriend, no, god no,
not his name, would NEVER do that!

babyshark28 said...

hello freeepeace! I think I will do this's seems like's the weekend..why not. hmm. I did Tarot once...didn't like it...but, to each it's own. I just watched league of their own, was on tv. hmmm..I am just rambling here..sorry.

babyshark28 said...

hey freeepeace..are you sure you want to know more :)

clarity4today said...

That's a fascinating list!! I definitely agree with you on some of those things. (2500 character limits! LOL). I'll have to give some thought to the questions and answer it in my journal, too. It's interesting how much a list like this can actually tell us about a person. Very interesting answers. :-)

rinakatay21 said...

Hey...I stole some of your ideas..=P I don't have the link but you know where I live.

slowmotionlife said...

SloMo <--- wants to see the tattoo!

musenla said...

i've dropped by a few times and just wanna say i enjoy reading your journal. this entry really lets your personality shine through.

happyb8888 said...

Applaud your brain, Freee!! You're some kinda something for surely sure!! :) Nice knowing you. I have similar things on my family homepage. There's a link to it in my Journal.

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen

freeepeace said...

Penny - let's see your ankle tattoo!

sharky - weekends were made for this stuff :)

clarity4today - I look forward to your lists!

SloMo - working on it (but you can see some of it in my entry about life's teachers)

Musenla - yes, I've seen you here before (sneaky) ::wink:: thank you. I enjoy your journal as well.

Happy - ::clapping:: thanks for the cheers. it's nice knowing you too. I've read your family page - great site!

babyshark28 said...

holy moly..1095 hits, you've been busy over here! wtg! :)

dazeychic said...

Great List! I mean it! I LOVE everything on it! LOL, I think you and I are somehow related...Moulin Rouge..EVA CASSIDY (God I loveee her. Her Over the Rainbow makes me cry) Adventures in Babysitting? Collecting debt and Basmati rice!? Seriously...this is weird. Are you blonde and 5' you could be my twin! LOL, Im soo sorry if that insults you! ~Shells (Day in the life of shelli p)

clarity4today said...

Your list is awesome! I made one, but I couldn't get as many categories due to my um..... lack of conciseness? LOL Anyway, here it is: :-)