Saturday, October 18, 2003

Life's Great Teachers


Master 'Roshi' Ivanovich

Weighing in at 9.4 lbs, this little creature has a heart bigger than the house he now calls home!  Once roaming the streets of South Central LA, he's now stepping in high cotton, having found his true love in the eyes and arms of his Mama (not pictured). He's generous with his toys and loves his cousins, Hunny and Opie (not pictured below because I can't figure out the html). A lover, a licker, a cuddler and a ham. But don't let all that fool anyone.  He's fierce!  He rules the streets with his long stride and snarly growl. He takes them all down, single-pawedly and makes his mama proud.  He's the protector of his kingdom, and the love of his mama's life.


babyshark28 said...

what vivid and great writing 'he rules the streets with his long stride and snarly growl' ha ha...too cute.

happyb8888 said...

Cutie li'l dawg, Freee!! Love 'im!! :)

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen