Tuesday, October 21, 2003

for you, SloMo

We all know how the rush of journaling, blogging and commenting can be a blinding force.  We order take out one night, then the next.  Soon all the restaurants in our area know us by the last four digits of our credit card.  There's a trail of laundry from the bathroom, through the hallway, into the bedroom.  We start wearing the same pair of jeans three and four times.  We pack a lunch for our dogs and send our kids to school with kibble and a bone.  We fall into bed at some ungodly hour of the night and two hours later when we pass our computer on the way back from the bathroom, we get online just to see if anyone posted anything new.  For some, chores and bills start to pile up.  Friends "on the outside" start to worry.  We don't see the signs.  We think we can handle it.  We've "got it under control."  Until one day, tragedy strikes.  And we, as a team, must gather in support of each other.

To our friends and loved ones - One of our fellow journal addicts has hit bottom and needs our help.  It seems she's innocently forgotten to follow up on a minor infraction and now (thanks to Frank) she's shivering in her sleep, with one eye open anticipating her trip to the "Clinker" as Big Mama's b*tch.

Please send prayers and good thoughts to our sister as she stands tall, facing her fears and owning her part in this catastrophe.  We're here for you SloMo!  Fly and be free!


babyshark28 said...

this is great! very impressive. very creative. lol! way to go!

alphawoman1 said...

I knew I could'nt be the only one being sucked into Blog Addiction! Great entry.

slowmotionlife said...

Oh my gawd!! LoL This is hillarious. [And very sweet!! I feel so loved! Thank you! Thank you!] I'm gonna print this sucker out and take it into the courthouse with me. They're BOUND to give me a break then, right? You're amazing. SloMo <--- ain't no prison b*tch!! :P

franj1fla said...

Very funny and just like you to be so creative...are u doing this at work, freee? must be nice. somebody just emailed me so i'd stop working and come and look. worth the trip. ah, you guys get to play all day ... i can't wait to get back in there. part of my mind is thinking about this stuff and part is on work...see - Stay Outta My Head...(no don't)

andreakingme said...

I LOVE it. You describe the journal addiction so very well. Right there with you, sista!

happyb8888 said...

LOL We're all "caught" now. We can pack up and go home. You've nailed us. Newbie Journal Keepers beware. Freee has given you a look at the future!! :)

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen

musenla said...

yup, another journal addict here. i'd probably need intervention soon, 'cept i'm not gonna let anyone separate me from my daily journal fix!

note to self: make copy of freee's jail bird pass for future driving violations.

derossetfamily said...

ROFL that was hilarious. we'll all be there for SloMo when she gets out of the penn, and although prison may harden her a bit, I'll still check her journal Lol.

By the way, Ive never left a comment but I read your journal everyday, I absolutely love it!