Sunday, October 26, 2003

AOL-J Awards

It's getting to be crunch-time with the AOL-Journal Awards.  Thanks to SEPINTX for sharing his wonderful display of organization.  I'm so not good at this.  I hate contests, even though you won't find a more competitive personality around - except for maybe my best friend but she would never admit that (she's so competitive, we've fought over this).  I'm also a procrastinator and a perfectionist so it's like me to put things off till the last minute and if I can't deliver perfection, I won't deliver at all.  Then I suffer remorse for not participating.  Then I blame those in charge for not giving me enough time.  Then I quit altogether.

I want all my favorite journalers to be donning the award of excellence.  But I don't seem to have much luck, given the last few times I voted in elections.  But I know it's my responsibility as part of this community to speak up.

As much as I'd love to see that sparkling beauty of a graphic illuminating my journal, I just don't think it falls under any of the categories - except for maybe Best New Journal.  But most (if not all) of my favorites fall under that category.  I don't even know how I would describe my journal.  "Come visit my journal.  It's about... well, it's got... uhh... you'll laugh, you'll cry, you can listen to my music."  Ugh, my music, that's a whole other process, "Come to my show, it's sort of acoustic-folky-pop-rock-AC-indy-ish."  I guess there's just no category for me in general.  It's exactly how I live my life.  I don't like labels - if it's not obvious, then don't assume.  I like having the option of living outside and inside the box.  But damn, that award is stunning.  I covet thy graphic!


dazeychic said...

It is soo cute that you wrote this...because I was like, "now where in the world can I vote for my little singer/twin sister?? She deserves an award! I love her!" And guessed it...I put your name in New Journals. hehe...There should have been a catagory for best musician/writer/humorous journal...but since there wasnt I hope you win New Journal! AS yours happens to be my favorite! But shhh...dont tell anyone. ~Shells

viviansullinwank said...

YAY Shells is not a closet supporter! Hello 'Free'..glad you're going to be voting in this contest. I agree w/Shells it would have been great to have a music category. Well, we're learnig and hopefully the next awards program will be more diverse! Love visiting you over here!

diannevan said...

When I see a "best journal as being a porthole to late night IMs that leave you doubled over in laughter," yours is going to be the one listed! Seriously, though, I think you should be listed for your music, I just don't know how it would be done. Perhaps best use of sound bite. I actually look forward to pressing play on your journal, and you know me well enough to know that is a HUGE compliment!

clarity4today said...

**I'm also a procrastinator and a perfectionist so it's like me to put things off till the last minute and if I can't deliver perfection, I won't deliver at all. Then I suffer remorse for not participating. Then I blame those in charge for not giving me enough time. Then I quit altogether. **

Perhaps you weren't joking, but this is hilarious! I know exactly what you mean about it all. :-)

babyshark28 said...

hi freee :) you know..I'm with dazeychic..I voted you best new journal as well.
and so, that's 2 votes your way! yea. I am going to have to find out why I can't hear your music now...I am still bummed about that. grrrrrr.

musenla said...

sheesh, i'm out soooo out of the loop, didn't even know there's a contest.