Sunday, September 28, 2003

What year is it exactly?

What happened to the billions of years that existed prior to Christ's birth?  Seriously, whose idea was it to name his birthday the first day of existence as we know it?  Today we live in the year 2003.  But we all know there were many, many (many!) years before the 2003 years we've counted.  I don't get it.  It's a strange thing to talk about years "B.C."  I understand that "Christ is the Son of God."  But what about the rest of us?!  We all come from that same Source - even God.  What makes Jesus any different from me, or you or your next-door neighbor?  And please don't go quoting some passage from the Bible - it's just a book - a beautifully written book indeed - but still, it's a book of stories.  Believe what you will... as will I.  I'm not here to debate religion.  I'm talking about the human spirit.  I want to know what others feel and think (not what we're taught to think).  The Old Testament was around way before the New Testament - doesn't make it any less of a beautiful book.    I grew up Catholic (today I am non-religious, but very spiritual).  None of what I was taught ever made sense to me.  I remember being in first grade at St. Bridget's School.  When we were sitting in church, I looked around at my classmates wondering if any of my peers were buying the stories being told.  Some looked so enthralled with what was being said.  I couldn't help but think we were being brainwashed.  I'm grateful for my inner wisdom.  I struggled through life as a non-believer in my family.  But I'm glad to know I never gave up on myself.  Many find freedom and comfort in religion.  For me, spirituality and truth has set me free.  Thank you God!

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