Saturday, September 27, 2003

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love.  It's almost impossible to really know what that is... until it is experienced.  Most of us grow up thinking we understand the concept of loving unconditionally.  But let's be honest - who would show up for someone without hoping for love in return?  My dog would!  And she does!  She teaches me about love every moment of every day.  When I want space, she gives it to me.  When I want attention, she gives it to me.  When I'm sick, she rests with me.  She has gone a full 24-hours without complaining about her needs.  One time last year, I had horrible food poisoning - I thought I was dying on the bathroom floor.  I couldn't leave the house to save my own life - and she stayed right by my side.  I couldn't walk her or feed her or play with her for the entire day.  She didn't even whimper!

I knew she was the love of my life when she adopted me 8 years ago.  She was the cutest pound-pup in West Los Angeles.  I feel so privileged to be her human-parent.  I never knew I could love like I love today.  She's the teacher.  I had no idea how much I loved her until, a month after she was living with me.  She was vomiting everywhere, acting all dazed and confused, stumbling through the apartment.  I rushed her to the nearest vet where I found out she had internal bleeding - she had possibly been poisoned.  It didn't occur to me the severity of it until the vet asked me to sign a disclaimer stating that I would pay the fees "no matter what the outcome."  Meaning: even if my baby dies!  That's all it took for the room to start spinning.  I felt like someone cut through my chest, grabbed hold of my heart and started yanking!  I thought, "If this is love, I quit!"  It was that painful.  If she had died, I know a huge part of me would've died right along with her.

I thank my Hunny for all the unconditional love she has to offer.  She is one of my greatest teachers.  No one will ever understand the bond between us.  And that's okay.  But I hope everyone gets the chance to experience such incredible openness, love and compassion at least once in this lifetime.

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andreakingme said...

:: Andrea swallows the lump in her throat ::

I love this entry. And I'm so glad you brought it to my attention!

When it comes to unconditional love and acceptance, no one and nothing can beat our furry kiddies.